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Proper HVAC Installation is the Key

Early this year, I bought a new HVAC system for my newly built home I truly spend thousands just to acquire the newest and most high-tech HVAC unit from this popular AC brands. I love all the specifications and features it has especially the 19SEER, programmable thermostat included and the protective coating it has. I already knew that this HVAC will work tremendously well and it will surely last a lifetime.

For the first months, I thought that my HVAC is really working well but when the hot days came, I noticed that it doesn’t work that good to cool our home. I also noticed that the air isn’t dehumidified that fine. Because of these observations, I called the nearest HVAC repair company in our city and good they paid me a visit as immediate as possible. After checking my HVAC system, I was surprised when the contractor told me that my HVAC wasn’t properly installed that’s why the quality of air it produces wasn’t that good at all. I couldn’t believe that I spent a hefty amount of money for a new and top-of-the-line HVAC unit then the installation will only ruin everything. Thus, I asked them to repair it and put everything in order. As a result, I paid for installation and repairs double in just one year.

Lesson learned, I know now that it’s very important to always do business with a HVAC contractor that has most recommendations and to always look after their earlier works. It’s not suggestible that you just deal with people you don’t know background of. Make sure to check the internet and search all the possible information you can about them. Then, it will be better to ask the opinion and recommendations of real people in your area. Surely, they have experiences with HVAC installation and they know who to call with home issues like this.

I also learned that as the homeowner, we should help responsible with our own home and our own home appliances. Be a keen observer and when you notice that something’s wrong with your HVAC or with any of your machineries at home then don’t hesitate to call the attention of the professionals. If you can do simple repairs then it’s fine to do it yourself. Nevertheless, when you are clueless with HVAC problems and little repairs then better to pass it to the professionals hands. Yeah, you may pay again but it’s better than putting your HVAC’s life to risk and improper installation may also cause other problems that may harm you and your entire family. Let’s see to it that we will always put our safety first. So if you are planning to install new HVAC at home, don’t waste money and choose the right HVAC contractor.